Northern Twilight Farm

Young's Neet N Natural

(Bengad Dombeya X Young's Sur Neet)

Extended Pedigree

Foaled 1992   Section A     Height: 11.3 hands

Neet is the youngest son of the imported Welsh stallion, Bengad Dombeya. Neet's offspring are noted for their fancy action and energetic nature. They make excellent driving ponies and  compete successfully at Combined Driving Events and Pleasure Driving. His foals are family friendly and many are children's riding ponies.

Neet carries the Silver gene, but as a chestnut, he does not express it. Neet has produced silver bay and silver buckskin offspring.

Neet is no longer available for breeding to outside mares.

Welsh Ponies are a Rare Breed in Canada with less than 100 purebred females registered each year.


Our Welsh Mountain Pony stallion,  Young's Neet N Natural

Section A Welsh Ponies are sometimes refered to as Welsh Moutain Ponies and should be under 12.2 hands in height.