HEW My Choice a.k.a. Chocolate
(Skellorn Dauphinoir X Velvet Lass)


Welsh Pony Section B Mare
Date of birth: May 20, 2005
Height: 13 hands

Chocolate was purchased in 2014 to complement our large pony breeding program. She is expecting a purebred Welsh foal in 2017.

(TF The Jury X HMS Copper Penny)

BREED: Arabian mare
Date of birth: Oct 31, 1998
HEIGHT:14.1 hands

Mistrial is our career broodmare. She consistently produces quality foals that are talented and trainable. Her foals are often up for sale and have sold across western Canada.  She will be bred to Seabreeze Moon Pi Bey in 2018.


BREED: Half Arabian mare (50 % Arabian blood)
Date of birth:
HEIGHT:15.2 hands

Young Horses and Horses in Training

Northern Merrylegs

(Northern Bryndwr X Young's Shady Lady)


Welsh Mountain Pony
Section A Mare
Date of birth: May 01 1991

Merrylegs is our oldest welsh pony and a summer samp favorite. She has taught sooo many kids to ride.

Twilight Bint Rabdana  a.k.a. Danni
(Fa Rons Michaiah X Khaba Rabdana Rao)

BREED: Arabian mare
Date of birth: May 10, 1994
HEIGHT: 14.3 hands

"Dannie" is our 'go to' horse for confidence building. She logs almost as many hours in the arena as Holly does.

Private Riding Horses

Jeaway's Country Melody
( X )

Welsh Pony Section A Mare
Date of birth:
Height: 12 hands

Twilight Phoenix

BREED: Arabian gelding
Date of birth: June 7, 1989
HEIGHT:15.1 hands

Phoenix is a retired show horse that works in our lesson program. This fine old gentleman has competed as a reining horse, done pony club, parades, dressage and logged miles and miles of trails. We keep promising Phoenix with retirement but it hasn't happened.
Northern Country Meadow

(Northern Bryndwr X Jeaways Country Melody)


Welsh Mountain Pony
Section A Mare
Date of birth: July 27, 2014

Meadow is the last daughter of our herdsire, Northern Bryndwr. She will be retained for our breeding program as well as be a full time riding pony.

Northern Silver Charm

(Northern Bryndwr X Lucky Maxine)


Breed: Welsh Mountain Pony
Section A Mare
Date of birth: May 19 2012

Charm is an accomplished driving pony and works in our lesson program. Her brilliant dapple grey colouring makes her a stand out in the crowd. Charm is being retained for our breeding program.

Young's Rise N Shine aka Lily

(Young's Country Rock X My-Mar's Dombeya Joy)          


Breed: Welsh Mountain Pony

Section A Mare
Date of birth: May 12 1998

Lily is the pinnacle of versitiale Welsh Pony.She can run barrels, win a western horsemanship pattern, do English pleasure, compete in a CDE or be a pirate. She works every week in the lesson program.

Jeaway's Tiegr Lili aka Pepper

(Northern Terwyn Tiegr X Jeaways Peppermint Breeze)

Welsh Mountain Pony Mare

Date of Birth:

Pepper is learning to be a driving pony and will be added to the lesson string as her training progresses. Pepper has been bred to our Arabian Stallion, Seabreeze Moon Pi Bey in 2018.


BREED: Appaloosa Draft cross

Date of Birth: May 15, 2011

HEIGHT: 16.2 hands

Iskut was purchased in 2016 as a new riding horse for Grant. With lots of time spent together they are becoming an awesome team. Called 'The Big Pony', Iskut stands a true 16.2 hands. He is a gentle giant with a kind nature that enjoys hugs and all the attention a kid can throw at a horse.

Our Horses

JLens dodge Girl a.k.a. April
(Bar J Loleo Jet X Platinum Success)

Date of birth: April, 17, 2010
HEIGHT: 15.1 hands

April is purebred APHA. She helps add some colour to the herd. April is a full time riding horse and works in our lesson and summer camp program.  She has been shown as a western dressage horse, but her dreams are to be a barrel racer...

Northern Seabreeze
Seabreeze Moon Pi Bey X LC Misty)

BREED: Half Arabian mare (75 % Arabian blood)
Date of birth: March 15, 2013
HEIGHT:14.2 hands

"Breeze" will be started under saddle in 2017. She is a farm favorite with a lot of personality and depending on how her training progresses will be joining the lesson program in 2018

Northern Summer

BREED: Section A Welsh Mountain Pony
Date of birth:
HEIGHT:11.2 hands

Retired Horses

Sometimes horses will sustain an injury or illness that makes them unable to work in lessons or raise babies, but doesn't otherwise affect their quality of life. These horses are retired and enjoy an easy life of hanging out in the pasture.

Asteroid NTF

(Alex Fans Olds X River Willow)

Half Arabian, Half Friesian
Date of birth:

Trillium NTF

(*Seabreeze Moon Pi BeyX Mistrial)

BREED: Arabian mare
Date of birth: May 2016

We are SO excited to have Trillium! She is a copy of her beautiful Mom, Mistrial. Trillium will be retained as a future show horse and Holly's spoiled pet.

Lesson horses

River Wildfire
(Sargeant's Desert Spirit X Cricket)

BREED: Half Arabian gelding (75% Arabian blood)
Date of birth: July 2003
HEIGHT: 14.3 hands

Wildfire enjoys early retirement due to a knee injury. He still contributes as a babysitter to weanlings. His friendly, first-to-the-gate personality makes him a favourite with visitors to the farm.

Northern Twilight Farm

Driftwood Mahogany aka Hoggy

(Driftwood Wind Spirit X  DC Dancing Breeze)

BREED: Half Arabian gelding (93.5 % Arabian blood)
Date of birth:  June 14, 1996
HEIGHT:14.3 hands

Mahogany is a favourite family riding horse. He works as Holly's full time trail riding horse and 'arena chair' but his favourite activity is barrel racing with Grant.

Northern Tywyll Omar

(Northern Bryndwr X Northern Bryndwr's Shadow)


Breed: Welsh Pony Gelding
Date of Birth:May 15, 2008
Height: 11.3 hands

Omar returned to the farm in 2016. He is in training with Holly Pottinger to be a carriage pony. He will also work in the summer camp program in the future.


BREED: Miniature horse
Date of birth: ?
HEIGHT: 30 inches

We took Rocket in in 2009 after his previous owner was no longer able to care for him. Miniature horses are meant to be small, but Rocket also has a form of dwarfish that gives him his unusual proportions. He contributes to farm by mowing lawns and making Holly laugh when she's had a bad day.

Sargeant's Desert Spirit
(Sulejmans Shadow X SC Baskhalima)

BREED: Arabian gelding
Date of birth: May 21, 1994
HEIGHT: 14.3 hands

Spirit was our breeding stallion for many years. At age 16 he became a gelding and was broke to ride. He is now a favorite in the lesson string teaching kids to ride and enjoying trail rides.
Legend Eternity Ring a.k.a. Poppy
(Morton's Prestige X Pajon's Royal Cameo)


BREED: Welsh Pony Section B Mare
Date of birth: May 11, 2009

Poppy was purchased in 2014 to work in our lesson program and start our Section B breeding program. She is now a favourite with students and will be a working mom in 2017 with her first baby expected in March.